20 September 2007

Navigating Germany....

Ok to start...Lets just say this blog took me an extremely long time to step up. But here I am, I have navigated though the big German words and now ready.....the question is are you ready!

I have been in Germany for two weeks and have faced some major challenges. I know that the language barrier would be something I might struggle with. But it's really is amazing how much you learn in a few days when you are submersed in the culture. Granted I'm somewhat angry with my self. I feel like I have wasted 2 weeks, without much progress in my conversational German. I need to speak more! That's the only way I'm going to learn! Its amazing how excited you get when you go somewhere, use your German skills on a real German and you get what you asked for! I hope to be able to write part of this blog in German by the end of several months

But I"m living in mid northern Germany between Hanover and Berlin in a small city called Wolfenbuettel, very close to Wolfsburg where Volkswagen factory is located! It's been such a pleasure, the people are friendly and the town gorgeous. The town is inter weaved with small walking streets with cobblestones, flowers everywhere, house painted decorated traditionally. I recommend this part of Germany to everyone. The atmosphere is positive and wouldn't wish to change locations.

With two weeks behind me, I'm looking forward to actually meeting Germans. It's been international week so I have been hanging out and getting to know students from all over the world. Hungary, Mexico, China, Brazil, South Africa, Malaysia...really everywhere but looking forward to meeting the locals!

Preparing for my third week when my English Conversation classes begin. I have never taught anything beside Taekwondo so I'm a little apprehensive. But after several meetings with the students, I'm also so excited. Most of them seem eager to get started and I hope we can just have some fun and talk! That's the main point for Conversational English. Until next time.....

So when in Germany.....talk as much German as you can and don't be afraid to mess up.


andreas said...

hahaha i'm the first guy who reading your blog.my english is not very good but i can understand most of your article.it's your taste and also my taste in germany.it's my great pleasuer to konw you.yeah,you are a cute and sweet girl.i really really hope you have a great succeed in german and in your work~make an extra effort!!sweety~

e.c. Fonseca said...

Hey Alli,

It's so cool what you're doing. Can you believe us? Linds went to Mocambique and is now trying to speak Portuguese. You went to Germany... right when I came to the US!

Here I am... completly alone in New York. I have 5 days to find a room to stay in, or I'll be sleeping in the Metro.

Anyway, which you the best of luck. I actually have a blog about my NY experience, but its in portuguese.

Best wishes,
Keep in touch.


Meg said...

Hey cous
It's great to hear you are doin well and it sounds like you are having a wonderful time. I'm sure you will overcome the barriers which you are facing!!:) Just wanted to say hey, and that I am thinking of you. Be strong and have a blast!!!

Lindsay said...

i heart your blog... can you please tell a smart one like me how to get a picture on? i leave for moxambique in 11 hours!

Anonymous said...

Hi alli Im German and you never gave me a second look. Hows the dark beer?We miss you!!!!! your friend for life.JOE Need help at JM

Geri said...

It doesn't seem fair that I only get to go to Az. for the winter and you are having a blast in Germany. Enjoy your stay as you will have lots of memories. YOU GO GIRL!!!!!