12 January 2008

Hallo 2008!

Well, Hallo 2008! Another new year...and I am really really interested to see where this one leads me to. Fortunately, I have another 5 months in Germany, then graduation...then I probably should make up some sort of life plan.....but aren't plans overrated anyway??

Well since I basically live in the Chinatown part of Wolfenb├╝ttel, the Chinese New Year is approaching very fast. I think it's on Feb. 6th and we are welcoming in the Year of the Rat. I can't wait to see how the Chinese celebrate the new year. Ling says the New Year and "Spring Festivial is celebrated as big as Christmas is here in the western part of the world. They eat...and eat...and eat...performances with dancers and I am just stoked to learn about it. Ling wants me to perform something...she asked if I sing or dance...big negative but maybe a Taekwondo demonstration but I doubt I will do it. I just want to hang out. Oh, so year of the Rat is actually my year. According to the Chinese it's either a really really good year or an unlucky year. So all you out there born in 1984 or before February 6th 1985 buy some red underwear...maybe a few pairs, in China that is suppose to bring you good luck for the year. So I am not taking any chances.

Oh yeah before I get going too far into my 2008, I had a wicked holidays in the UK. I stayed with my friend Lauren (I studied with her in Wales at University of Glamorgan) and her family near Portsmouth, England. For those unfamiliar with the UK, it's the southern coast. Her family was so fun, crazy, entertaining and there was never a dull moment, very similar to my family in SD...(love you guys). Popped the Christmas crackers, ate British Christmas pudding, Yorkshire pudding and drank sparkling wine. We also headed up north, just outside London, called Stevenage to meet up with Lauren's friends then road trip across the English countryside back to the Welsh valleys. Rang in the new year in the capital, Cardiff and drank cocktails in the only really Welsh Club in the city. Toured Treforest....stopping in our favorite pubs for a few pints with old friends...was just great to be back.

Now back in Deutschland and of course been very busy. Back into the Conversation routine. The German life stills pretty rocks! This past weekend, I checked another thing off my life list! I can now say I have been snowboarding!!!!! Now the few days since I was snowboarding it feels like Marco ran me over with his Volkswagen and my knee is the size of a large citrus fruit. But even with the aches and pains, I just want to go again!! NOW!! Marco took me to Wittenburg's Snow Fun Park near Hamburg. It's this massive stadium of snow! A building with an enormous ski slope in it. Very impressive. But easier to learn on then the real mountians. But yes I am rockstar snowboarding...ok not really, probably fell like 200 million times and I have the bruises to prove it but I am in love with Snowboarding!!!!

Oh, a little FYI for all you Lennox inhabitants. I have officially became a Lennox Independent columnist...so you can look for me in next week's paper! I am excited...my writing going to be published!!

But hoping everyone is enjoying 2008 as much as me and everyone has a rockstar year!!!

So when in Germany...enjoy the New Year to the fullest and in 2008: New Resolution...speak more Deutsch and see as much of this country as I can!


Anonymous said...

This is your #1 fan checking in to tell you I really enjoyed your latest adventure but I think I will leave the snowboarding up to you. Sounds fun though if I were your age! Eagerly anticipating your next blog I miss you and love you lots. Grandma Norma

Jalene said...

Hi Alli,
We had such a good time in Germany. It was fun to read your blog and I think we got to all those sights in Berlin too. You are right...no one does Christmas like the Germans. Beautiful. I am so jealous of your parents going over there. Don't forget Kurfustandam. I did recommend they stay there, but go visit anyway if you have time. Lots of designer shops. The window shopping is fabulous, although they were heavy on Silvester ball gown when we were they. Of course window shopping is all we can do. With our weak dollars we can't actually buy anything.


Anonymous said...

So i really enjoyed reading your stories. I do your grandmothers nails. And she is so proud of you. I have only snowboarded once and ended up breaking my wrist and elbow. So good for you girl. You did much better than I did. Anyways my name is Hayley.. And im glad i found your page.

Anonymous said...

Hey Alli, just found out about your blog and enjoyed catching up on what you've been up to. Myriam's mom and I keep in touch and she told us all about the Christmas markets, sounds so neat. I gave your mom Nitsche's address & phone number that maybe you can get in touch with them if they don't have time while they're there. Nitsche's live in Bonn but it seems that getting around in Germany doesn't take so long, not like back in the US.