12 February 2008

The good in goodbye??

Esther Huish said it best when she said, "There have been too many departures in my life. I have yet to find the good in goodbye or the well in farewell." As a person known for leaving, heading out into the world, you think I would have perfected the art of saying goodbye. but I don't think that something you can learn to do right.

The past few weeks have been rollercoaster of emotions for me. With sky rocketing highs and some dark lows. Let's start with the bad news. In one week, I had to say 'see you later' (I can't say goodbye, it's to final...I believe you meet twice in life so 'see you later is much more appropriate) to three important people and while I am writing this I am kinda upset about it. So in light of my mood, I am going to make the most of it and dedictate this blog to my departed friends.

The first one to hit the skies was Joao Ornellas. This brazilian guy will always hold a special place in my heart. First what a sweet, geninue person, but he was my first International friend in Germany. We struggled through the first weeks of the language barrier, worked through our first weeks of trying to understand Frau Wesemann in our German lessons everyday and went to all those weird, but somehow exciting International week events. Joao headed back to Brazil to finish his studies and to honest I don't think he was ever like it too much in Germany. He missed the beach, Portuguese and his family.

Ling Zhe, too many things I can say about Ms. Zhe. We both had the sometimes challenging job of teaching our lovely Germans students our native languages. I shared an office with this cute Chinese lady, we had also took German together, I taught her how to eat with a fork, how to hug, how to make cookies and basically about western culture. In turn, she gave me a beautiful view of life in China, how to make chinese dumplings, some basic Chinese greetings, how to eat properly with chopstick and how I could survive in China. We experience Bavaria and the Oktoberfest together. Ling is back in China, getting her doctorate in Literature. Smart girl!!! She is greatly missed in Wolfenbüttel.

And last but not least, Marco Schütze. Marco, Marco, Marco. My official Berlin expert. If you have read my pervious blogs, you know Marco gave me my offical tour of the German capital. But I was grateful to visit his village, see where he lives, meet his family. His grandmother sang me Happy Birthday in English, seriously was so cute and awesome. He taught me so much about Germany, showed me how to properly dance to traditional German music, took me driving on the Autobahn, taught me how to snowboard and gave me an appreciation for Dunkin Donuts. Oh and I almost forgot, for the opening of the 6 Nations Rugby tournanment, we went into Berlin and found an Irish pub that was showing the game. So we walked basically into Little Britain in the heart of Berlin. The place was crammed with Brits, the bartender hardly knew any German. But that is where Marco had his first Rugby lesson which is soo important for a guy moving to rugby crazed Australia. But was completely awesome. Unfortunately in the early hours of the morning on Feb. 11th, I had to send Marco to Sydney to join the Aussies to do his Master in International Business. Yes, another smart person and even smarter for choosing the sun, sand, and surf to study....instead of like cold, rainy Europe...probably one of my best friends in Germany, Marco will be missed most of all...

Let's just say....saying 'see you later' to these people just gives me more of an excuse to travel to Asia, South America and Australia.

For the month of Feburary is alotted as my holiday, my free time and my semester break. So my parents are coming to Deutschland!!! It's seriously coming at a perfect time. After saying 'see you later' to so many important people in my German life, nothing is better to be around your family! I am not sure if someone warned the Germans they were coming but they better. We are planning on taking the 'Marco Tour' of Berlin, then heading to Bavaria to experience München and then back up to Wolfenbüttel, Wolfsburg and Braunschweig. Hello Autostadt, VW and the university. I will be back in a few dates with some updates about the trip and a brand new start to another semester of English Conversation.

So when in Germany make the most of out of goodbye and say 'see you later'.....you always meet a person twice in life....

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Happy Valentines Day , A day late, enjoy the time with your Parents and say Hi from Terry and Claudette