10 March 2008

My #1 Fan never had a foam finger or painted her face crazy colors...

Almost everything that can be cheered on has fans. Those crazy people who are consumed by the thought of there favorite team beating the rival team with that buzzer shot, cheering their favorite athlete to the championships, and deeply depressed when they experience a big loss either by trades or bad calls on the field. You can usually find this fanatics with there big foam fingers, dressed in the favorite teams' appeal from head to toe, screaming some catchy song to build the team up.

My blog has a fan. She doesn't paint her face, she doesn't run out screaming at me to write, write, write, and she doesn't get deeply depressed if I fail to score. My #1 fan is responsible for spreading the word about my blog, in her gentle caring way, she is responsible for helping me share my experience with more people then I could ever imagine. While I know I have other fans out there, my Grandma Norma is my #1 fan.

I consider myself somewhat of an amateur traveler. While I have only seen 10% of this big bad world, I have been around the block to understand that experiences, adventures and people come and go. You all know that I never say that official "goodbye" but prefer the see you later approach, giving me the small, hopeful thought people will meet each other again. Well the past few weeks has lead me to one of the most tearful and difficult 'see you later' in my life.

One early March morning the world changed for a lot of people very close to me. My Grandma Norma physically left the earth with an unexpected "see you later". The news sent shock waves through those who loved her. With a small warning this might get sentimental and emotional, I can't think of anything else to write but a very small and simple dedication to my Grandma.

I know the tough times are ahead and my family is heading down the road of readjustment. During my Grandmother's funeral, my Aunt Renata described her as the Soul of the Family.That person who was never mad even if you did something not so honorable; Grandma was compassionate about human life, about living it the best she could, making it the best for her family and welcoming all the friends like they could join our clam. She created a great and interconnected support system among her family and friends.

It may be clique and I definitely carry a bias but she truly was one of the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in real life both inside and out. The Grandma who could make a mean chocolate chip cookie, instruct you how to wear the latest Tommy Hilfiger fashion properly and which eyeshadow colors bring out your eyes. She was truly glamorous from every aspect with appearance but was one of those people who brights up that room when she walks into it, knows the right things to say when you are feeling down and loves our sometimes difficult, imperfect family with every bone of her body.

Life is not always fair, not always easy and not always what we expect it to be. I can be honest, this is tearing me in a million pieces, like living in a bad dream. But amongst the tears you can only smile for the memories. While I knew Grandma has a crier herself, she wouldn't want anyone to miss a beat. So here I try to smile for a person who had a life well lived and keep pursuing what makes me happy in her honor. Grandma, I love you and you will be missed by so many smiling faces.

So when in Germany...I will always and forever remember my Grandma, know she is watching out for me and will keep doing everything to make her the proudest Grandmother in heaven!!!

P.S: I warned you it was going to be a little teary and sentimental....