23 August 2008

The revamp....

So I am not in Germany anymore....so it's hard to do as the Germans do huh? Well, I will keep my so called "German traits" close to my heart, it's time to move on. With a new step comes a new blog look, a new name and a new focus.

I started this blog as a way for my friends and family back home to keep up with my travels, adventures and experiences as a language teaching assistant but it has turned into more than that. Its my place to connect with the world wide users of the web. A place for a young, novice, amatuer, inexperienced writer to get her thoughts out. A place where I can just simply write everyday, about whatever I want to and hope someone out there wants to stop and listen.


Caro said...

My dear "chicken",

after having let pass too much time I got back to your blog and I so much enjoyed reading it.
I still can't believe that it is already "past" that you were here in Germany.
Wolfsburg comes close again and I will miss our drinking and baking sessions -though they never turned out the way they were intended to.

I miss you!

Take care and make good decisions ;)

Amy said...


So I'm such a retard. I haven't been to your blog once. So today, as I substitute in spanish class I've been reading up on all your adventures. Can't wait to hear what crazy shennanigans you'll get into next! Much love to my margie!
I miss you!