29 October 2008

Negative about Negativity

A few months ago, I was casually browsing through magazines, drinking coffee (one of my favorite rejuvenating therapies after a few stressful days) and came across something that really made me think. It was an advertisement headlined "Say No to No". Intrigued, I read on....

"Say No to No"

Isn't it high time someone got negtive about negativity?
Yes it is.
Look around. The world is full of things that, according to nay-sayers, should never have happened.
And yet, "yes".
Yes, continents have been found.
Yes, men have played golf on the moon.
Yes, straw is being turned into biofuel to power cars.
Yes, Yes, Yes.
What does it take to turn no into yes?
Curiosity. An open mind. A willingness to take risks.

And when the problem seems most insoluble, when the challenge is hardest, when everyone else is shaking their heads, to say: let's go.

Well, Shell had my attention and had me thinking, in a negative charged world, positivity is almost has infrequent as the stock market ending on the upside these days. With a election coverage on steroids and the world economy dipping lower and lower into recession is there anything we can smile about.

This ad was interesting because it was addressing the exploration of bio fuels and the willingness of a company(Shell) to explore something new, to approach a challenge with an open mind and to say Hey, nothing is going change unless we take a risk.

Why is that a person radiating a positive is often looked at as "crazy", "fake" and "not living in the realm of reality". Even if our world is a melting pot of happy and sad, is it worth to be negative about everything in life, everything in this world. Where has the trust in other gone, where has the trust in our neighbor gone. Washed down the drain like your 401K huh?

With a little risk, inquisitiveness and a No to No, we can get negative about negativity and open our minds for new possibility even in our high volatile and unpredictable world.

I"ll be Passing Through.... Australia for the next few weeks and hope to find an interesting experience, interesting people and an interesting story to share with you.

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