07 May 2010

Peace Corps SL

With less than a month away from staging a.k.a my departure, it’s hard to believe or even fathom that I find myself at this place. It’s been a long road since submitting my Peace Corps application in December 2008. The interview, the nomination, the medical clearance and the invitation have been the culmination of this particular moment. I am on the threshold of becoming a real Peace Corps Volunteer. Holy Crap!

I have updated my blog to reflect its new purpose: sending all of my followers ‘dispatches’ from the small Western African country of Sierra Leone. Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions, whether about Peace Corps, Sierra Leone, my blog, or anything you come up with.


PS said...

West Africa--it just sounds so far away--and it is! We are proud of your committment and determination for this mission. It will be a demanding to say the least, but what an opportunity to live in a new, different culture so unlike SD! And serve mankind. Wow, I don't know what else to say.

Anonymous said...

I admire you for your adventurous spirit and joi de vi (sp?). By the time I was your age, I was married with two small children. I don't regret my life but I enjoy living your experiences with you. Have a safe adventure in Sierra Leone, can't wait to keep up with your journey!

c-chicken said...

Ok honey, I saved the link. Will you have a farewell party?
Say "hi" to your family.
Miss you.
c-chicken :-)

Lindsay said...

i cant wait to read the updates batch! i am so excited for you to go! i guess that sounds like i want you to leave, but you know what i mean....youre going to rock sierra leone!

McKenzi said...

Hey Alli! Looking forward to reading of your adventures soon! Miss you! Let me know if you are in my area.