20 May 2010

Random SL Particulars

  • 50 percent of the population is under the age of 15.
  • The current chief justice is Umu Hawa Tejan Jalloh, who is the first woman in Sierra Leonean history to hold the job, yeah for the SL ladies!!!
  • SL is one of the top ten diamond producing countries in the world. Bedazzle….
  • There are at least 16 government recognized ethnic groups.
  • Climate is tropical with a rainy season from May to November then the dry reason from December to April. The Harmattan is the cool dry winds that blow in off the Sahara Desert
    Only 5% of Sierra Leone’s original forest remains
  • SL borders Liberia, Guinea and the Altantic, slightly smaller than South Carolina.
  • Padi Kusheh-O, means “Friend Hello” in Krio, Kaboh-o is Welcome

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