02 June 2010

Don't Worry, I'll be fine!

Ok, just a quick update for you! I will be sending more later once I get to SL...

The Logistics:
After a few shots, leaving WDC for Brussels around 6pm eastern time on Thursday then from Europe to the African continent. Should be there by Friday night (USA time)!

Another random side note...I will not be able to receive any packages during my training time. So hold off until August, please! Letters are fine, yayaya! But just wait until I get the go ahead for packages.

Next time, I will be transmitting from SL! For real!

Oh, and it might be three to four weeks until you hear from me again, so don't be worried! I am fine!

I want to take this last dispatch from USA to say how incredibly grateful I am to have such an amazing support system back home! Without you and know your are cheering me on, there is no way I could even imagine undertaking this adventure! I will miss you alot but please please please keep in touch!

Lastly, PC SL is rocking my world and I have soooo much to tell you already, it's only day one (trying to leave a cliffhanger and you begging for more!)

1 comment:

steven said...

Miss you alli!! Just wanted to tell you that. Also I think Romans comming to visit me saturdayfor two weeks. We will take a few shots in your honor