20 July 2010

African Bucket List

-Become one with spiders as big as my hand…check
-Bathe naked under a mango tree near the swamp…check
-Hiked African jungle…check
-See a trunk ton of monkeys while on African jungle hike…check
-Almost get arrested for not cleaning…check
-Become an English teacher…check
-Kill a chicken on the 4th of July…check
-Feel empowered and fearless by a mosquito net…check
-Stand dreamily on a bridge of planks over a swamp with a rainbow in the distance…check
-Dance in the rain…several million times…while singing ‘Africa’ by Toto, “I bless the rains down in Africa”…check
-Fall down the stairs while trying to get water for a bucket bath, sprain ankle, black out but still some how still be able to dance in the rain singing ‘Africa’ by Toto…check.
-Dance like its 1985…check
-Be mauled by children…check
-Not be ran over by a car, truck, motorcycle or anything motorized…as of yet….check
-Carry a bucket of water on my head….check
-Excuse to eat every meal with my hands…check
-Having evey mole, freckle, mosquito bits and other pumuy skin oddities attempted to be rubbed off…check


Anonymous said...

I love the bucket list! Did you really black out when you fell? I think the cleaning day is the most insteresing concept-what do you think? Worthy of implimenting in SD?

Mom & Dad

Lauren Cady said...

i want to hear more about the cleaning/arressted story!! love you Lauren xxx

Anonymous said...

Oh.. and I always thought they were singing "I guess it rains down in Africa"---> thank you for giving me a hint, honey :-)

I am glad you have a great time. I love the pictures. The kids are so cute.

Lots of love, Caro.