20 July 2010


After summer school this week, we all filed into a building with an enormous map of Sierra Leone drawn on the concrete with colored chalk. This was the moment I had waited form all of PST. Our site announcements!!! One by one we were called to the map to stand in the location of our village. I am heading to MOYAMBA!!!! Which is in southwest SL, two hours from Bo, two hours from Freetown and two hours from the coast. Approximately. I will be teaching at an all girls boarding school. YAYAY girl power! I have been told it is one of the oldest girl’s boarding school in the country. I will be heading to Moyamba with my friend Meghan, who has basically been my roommate since DC. We were roommates in Freetown and live in the same neighborhood in Bo. She will be living and teaching at a different girls school. Moyamba is about 7000 people and surrounded by the jungle. Heading there this weekend so I will have more to tell you later. Living in Moyamba for two years and swearing in is a month away!! YAYAY!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow, Moyamba--I wonder if we are prouncing it correctly? Sounds like an interesing assignment. We so wish we could be at the swearing in ceremony! It will be an emontional time for you and all the other volunteers. It will be melancholoy for you and your family. They will be losing a Pumuy and you some very special people. I know kinda like the Marchink's in Poland. We will be anxious to hear about your first impressions of Moyamba and the staff.
Love-Mom & Dad

Anonymous said...

I love reading this al! Your writing style never fails to amaze me. i love and miss you girl! cant wait to come visit! Linds :)

Spinner said...

Hey, my name's Matt(RPCV Togo 08-10)-- I was in SL last year for a bit and wanted to know, did they reinstate Shenge as a site?? Moyamba was a hooooot place when I was there - and that moto ride to the coast was hell on wheels, but it'll be an adventure!! Thanks!


you can email me at dvoyage@gmail.com

by Chad Finer said...

enjoy your postings.
see my postings on my site about my 1968-70 Peace Corps years - I am please that the USPC has returned to Salone!

best wishes -
Chad Finer

Anonymous said...

Hello Alli,
you dad Steve gave me your blogger account and I decided to catch up on your activties....this is so cool what you are doing (part of me thinks you are crazy), but I bet you are having the experience of a lifetime.
You missed testing last night. Carter tested and he did real well...Doug B got the experience of seeing Carter in action! Keep the info coming...I will be checking back to read your interesting updates. Take care.
Lori Soldatke

Susan said...

Moyamba is a great place! Well, it was in 1981 - 1983, when I was an Ag PCV in that district; I was in two small villages, first near Taiama and then near Mano. Every so often, I went to Moyamba to visit the Ag Ministry office and also to see another volunteer who was one of my closer "neighbors." I remember eating the most delicious spicy cowpea subs there--the street food was great! If you can find it, I highly recommend it. Are you going to be teaching at Harford Girl's School? I look forward to reading about your time in Salone. And if you can get to Shenge, you should--the beach was beautiful!

david said...

Bravo!!! Thanks for the updates. All of us here at the US Embassy are wishing you guys the best.

Keep the posts coming!!!


Anonymous said...

So glad to hear you are going to Moyamba and I hope your ankle has healed. I was a PCV there, Harford School,in the olden days, 1964-6. Is that where you'll be? If so, maybe you'll live in my old house. Lulu, the principal there is one of my former students. If you go there please greet her for me (Miss Lamm).
It was great to be with all of you in Bo at our teacher workshop and I wish you all well (and I did mail your letters).

Anonymous said...

Great fun to learn you are in Moyamba. I'll enjoy your blog as you describe your housing, your students, daily life, as 2010 is somewhat different from 1964-66 when I was at Harford. Internet is wonderful. We'd take a book to postoffice, and wait our turn to mail items "back home". May you enjoy Moyamba and Harford as much as I did. C.

McKenzi said...

Hey Alli! Sounds like everything is going well! I hope you keep posting! Miss you and talk soon!

Anonymous said...

Good to hear you are doing well and excited about your assignment. I loved your check list and enjoy hearing your experiences. Shelly Johnson