02 December 2011

Girls Conference Update

Thanks to all of you and your support Girls Conference has been fully funded! All coordinators are now in the rigorous planning process in hopes of making the first ever PC Sierra Leone Girls Conference a

This past week I was interviewing girls who have been considered by the senior teachers at Harford to represent the school at Girls Conference. It’s incredibly hard to pick only three girls out of 700 who have the potential to be role models to countless others within my school. In efforts to narrow down specific girls in Harford’s wide pool of possibilities, the senior teachers and I sat down to short list potential participants. With that list, we conducted interviews first with all the girls at senior secondary level then with the junior secondary level girls.  Exceptionally happy with the results.
One main component of GC is that the girls will take what they learned and bring it back to their schools and communities. Capacity building!Both girls, young and older, had creative ideas on how to get the message from GC all over Moyamba including hitting the airwaves on the radio, doing plays at the primary schools, debates and talking with adult organizations in town. They are passionate, bold and articulate.Hard to choose just three.

My organizational skills have been put to the test with my logistic responsibilities. Never thought I would be in charge of planning African meals for a little over 100 people. However, I can start to visualize the conference’s complexion and am elated to be able to host the conference at a school that has a rich history of in promoting girls’ education.

For those of you who are new to Dispatch SL or who have been too busy preparing for the ever hectic holiday season, the Girls Conference is a two-day educational workshop for exceptional girl students, teaching them leadership, self-esteem, decision making, women’s health, HIV/AIDS, career planning and goal setting. When everything is all said and done, the girls will be certified as peer mentors and be expected to act as role models and counselors to other girls in their school and community. In addition to sessions we are planning a career panel featuring prominent Sierra Leonean women, including female principals and health and development workers.

I need to send special shout outs, hi5s and plenty plenty plenty TENKI
for all of those who found a way in this difficult economic environment to support our conference! After the fun is over and the last girl has left Moyamba to put to practice everything they learned,I will be back on the dispatch to let you all know how it went…including photos!

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Anonymous said...

It will be exciting to hear and read all details regarding the Girl's conference. How exciting to be part of the 1st conference! Best of Luck in the final preparations! We are very proud of you!
Mom & Dad